Traveling through YouTube

Now that I am another week closer to heading over to England, my excitement continues on a gradual incline. For over a year I have been planning and dreaming about what will be available to me once I am abroad. With social media on the rise, I turned to the clever words of a few major icons in the traveling world to help me with ideas on what the world has to offer, particularly Europe for my case. These YouTubers all have their own unique ways of expressing their love for travel and I promise, you will have a rush of wanderlust after you watch just a few of their videos.


Damon and Jo

These two started out their adventures together after spending a semester abroad in Paris, France. What hellolabstarted as a few videos to document their experiences, they decided to expand their platform and make it into a YouTube sensation. These two offer realistic and honest advice on how to travel. Their topics range from what to do on a layover to culture shock in different countries. Even further, their personalities and spontaneous attitudes make the videos even better to watch. What I have learned the most from these two is summarized by one of their favorite quotes, “Shut up, and GO!”. They travel the world with their audience in mind. They know what happens, and they will tell you like it is. I strongly recommend watching their videos if you are looking for advice on your next trip!

The VagaBrothers

Whether you are studying abroad or taking a few weeks off to travel, these brothers are the ones to watch. They just finished covering the 2016 Rio Olympics on behalf of the LA24 [olympic] campaign. Even if you have yet to plan your trip, Marko and Alex offer many meat_bro_imgsuggestions on how you can spend your time throughout the world. Their piece of advice to all of their viewers is simply, “dare to travel”. During every video, your heart will jump, melt, or freeze with excitement after seeing the things that they do. They push the limit on their traveling experiences and capture it in a way that makes you want to pack up and head out the door within seconds. My favorite videos are the ones filmed in the same region of England that I will be studying abroad in. Don’t be surprised if I make reference to their videos in future posts because thanks to them, my bucket list is a little longer.

Sonia’s Travel

Don’t know what to pack? Don’t know how to pack? If you answered “yes” to those questions, Sonia’s Travel is the place to go. soniastravelsinny_highres_courtesy-of-sonias-travelsShe breaks down every aspect of traveling from carry-on hacks to culture shock.  She believes that traveling is all about the attitude, not a checklist. In addition to her excellent travel preparation videos,
she also documents her adventures. Based on her experiences, she knows how to travel and doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes. Therefore, if you are a first time traveler or a seasoned veteran wanting to brush up on your tricks, I suggest checking out his channel so you don’t get caught in a tough situation.


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